Rural Future project aims at enhancing profitability and operational conditions for rural enterprises. Non-sector specific trainings and bechmarking trips are arranged to the participants of the project. Due to corona pandemic, benchmarking trips are now arranged only in Finland. The benchmarking trips are done from Eastern Finland to Lapland and Lapland to Eastern Finland. The second benchmarking trip is done outside Lapland and Eastern Finland.

If you want to participate in the project or want further information on the project activities, please be in contact with Project Manager Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen ( or 050 430 2418).

Future Path small groups

In Future Path small groups you will be able to reflect on the future of your enterprise together with other enterpreneurs and persons who are interested in entrepreneurship, and specialists from Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Lapland University of Applied Sciences or ProAgria. The division to small groups will be done based on the information you provide in the registration form. You can choose a small group arranged either in Finnish or English. Maximum 50 participants will be taken in all the groups.

The second opening session of the small groups will be held on Wednesday 19 August 2020 at 17:00-18:30. In the opening session, you will get to know the specialist leaders of the groups and other participating entrepreneurs, and the small group activities. After the opening session, the groups will get together in total 5 times. To each of these following meetings you will receive a short task related to your own enterprise which will be discussed with other entrepreneurs and specialist leaders in the group. All meetings will be arranged through digital meeting methods. Future Path small groups are free of cost and open to everyone.

Benchmarking trip to Western Finland 29.9.-2.10.2020

During the trip we will get to know the success stories of entrepreneurs in Western Finland and how the visions of entrepreneurs have become true! The preliminary places to be visited include Keskinen Kyläkauppa Department Store in Tuuri, Kyrö Distillery Company and organic honey producer Sugar Daddies CO in Isokyrö, and natural cosmetics enterprises Fiini Naturally and Henua Organics. The program also includes ”an innovation day” when you will receive feedback from local experts on your product and/or service concept for future development of your enterprise!

The tentative program: Program_tentative_28.8.2020_for participants (UPDATED 28.8.2020), earlier versions: Program_tentative_25.8.2020_for participantsProgram_tentative_12.8.2020_for participants

If you register in the Rural Future project by Sunday 6.9., you will be able to participate in the benchmarking trip to Western Finland! At the moment the trip will be arranged as there are already several participants. There are still seats available for more participants! If you want to this benchmarking trip, register  in the project by Sunday 6.9.: This registration is preliminary and it does not bind you yet. After the registration, we will be in contact with you.

Participation fees

The participation fees have been updated due to the corona pandemic. At the moment the project will not arrange benchmarking trips abroad. The benchmarking trips abroad will be replaced by a second benchmarking trip in Finland.  Benchmarking trip and training fees are announced upon registration.

Participation fees 2019-2020

The participation fee depends on the chosen training packages:

  • 600 € participation fee includes trainings and access to training materials and recordings arranged in the project earlier (in Finnish), and the first benchmarking trip in Finland (Western Finland) including an innovation day. You will receive a 50 e discount on this fee if you participate in the Future Path Small Groups which are free of cost and open to everyone.
  • 400 € participation fee includes a benchmarking trip from Eastern Finland to Lapland or Lapland to Eastern Finland. It is required to participate in the first benchmarking trip to Western Finland in order to be able to join this trip.
  • Participation fee for NY and 4H entrepreneurs is 200 €. This fee includes trainings and participation in benchmarking trip from Eastern Finland to Lapland or Lapland to Eastern Finland.

If another person from your enterprise participates in the project besides you, the participation fee for this second person is 400 €. This fee includes training (in Finnish) and benchmarking trip to Western Finland. You can pay the participation fees in several instalments.